I love me is all about self-love. It is a popular term that is used in everyday conversation, such as, “Why don’t’ you love yourself?” "You have to love yourself more," "You can't love another person until you love yourself first." These are just a few of the self-love directives, but the missing piece lies in How to say the words “I love me” and truly mean it.

Self-love is important to living well. It influences who you pick for a mate, the image you project at work, and how you cope with the problems in your life. It is so important to your welfare, well-being and life situations that I want you to know how to bring more of it into your life. It is also the core of your success.

“I love me” is a worldwide movement to show people it is ok to love yourself. Self-love is developing a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

There is a process to self-love where you begin to accept much better your weaknesses as well as your strengths, have less need to explain away our short-comings, have compassion for yourself, are more grounded in your life purpose and values, and to be able to live in fulfilment through your own efforts.

If you follow the process of self-love you will begin to accept and love yourself for being you. I am so excited to share this journey with you, as I have been through it and know the powerful changes it can have.  It is true that you can only love a person as much as you love yourself. If you follow through the process of self-love that I take you through, you will allow and encourage others to express themselves in the same way. The more self-love you have for yourself, the better prepared you are for healthy relationships and attachments. Even more, you will start to attract people and circumstances to you that empower your well-being.

'There is a fire inside you and I can help you ignite it.'