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Change starts with you.



Leading Executive Coach and Psychologist

I am spreading a worldwide movement called “I Love Me” teaching people the how to in loving themselves.

As I started my journey as a Psychologist and Coach, I noticed people seeking support for different reasons, although the underlying or root cause was mainly related to self-love.

I have been on my own journey of self-love and see how…


Personal Development

I work with with individuals, couples and families to build emotional and psychological wellbeing and resilience by providing appropriate services tailored to meet your needs.

Examples include, self esteem, self confidence, anger management, anxiety, stress, trauma, attachment, loss, depression

Corporate Wellbeing

We spend more time in the workplace than anywhere else. Whilst we are at work do we have the right tools to support your wellbeing?

Understanding how best to manage your stress, anxiety and overall well being within the workplace is a service we feel strongly towards. Why? Because it allows people to be happy which will shine through their performance in the workplace.

Mynd Success Coaching

Your success starts with your mindset and your actions. Are you reaching what you are capable of or are you holding yourself back?

At times we can have emotional and mental blocks that sabotage and prevent us from reaching our goals. Business coaching works with corporates and leaders to offer training to become their best!



I am spreading a worldwide movement called I Love ME teaching people the ‘how to’ in loving themselves.

The relationship you hold with yourself is the most important relationship you have. It sets the scene for other other relationships, such as those with family, friends, peers, romantic relations and even food!


Simple steps that produce life-changing results.


Master your limiting beliefs

Do you feel that you are holding yourself back?

Do you struggle with low self esteem or low confidence?

Often we struggle to manage difficult emotions.


Master your relationships

Did you know the relationship you hold with yourself impacts on all other relationships, such as those with peers, romantic relationships, family members, friends and even with food?

Holding healthy relationships are key to your success.


Master your success

Your success starts with your actions and your mindset. There is no limit on what you can accomplish, except the limits you put on yourself.

Who you are tomorrow starts with what you do today.


Dive deep within to uncover your greatness.